Picking the Right Long-Term Care Home for Your Loved One

All you need to know

2 min readAug 25, 2020
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Deciding on the right long-term care home for your loved one is a difficult decision to make. Most families don’t get enough time to make this critical decision because of the rapid changes in their loved ones' mental or physical health which result in the need for immediate placement into a long-term care home. There are a number of ways to make this decision much easier. Below you’ll find tips to consider when you are making the decision for your loved one.

1. Research- Familiarize yourself with the type of long-term care facilities that are available for your loved ones. For example, does your loved one need to live in assisted living or a memory care long-term facility? Having a good understanding of the type of services available within a long-term care facility will help you determine your needs and wants so you can make a more informed decision. In Canada, each province has a public reporting system, it is important to read it before selecting a long-term care home because it provides you with inspection reports dating back to five years.

2. Ask questions- Ask things like: What training does the staff have to work with persons with dementia? Are individual care plans maintained for each resident? What are the basic costs and what is covered? What is the facility's response when a resident is having difficulty adjusting?

3. Make sure you take a tour- Before your love one moves in, it’s important for you to take an official tour of each unit. It’s important to meet the staff and the residents to get a feel of how things operate inside.

Even though the decision placing a loved one into a long-term care facility is very difficult as it brings out the feeling of guilt and sadness, it’s important to note that this might be a great decision for your loved ones. There are many situations where a long-term care facility can provide more support for you and your loved ones. The most important thing is to make sure whatever facility you choose meets the needs of your loved ones. Memoryz mobile app provides you with the comfort of staying connected with your loved ones' caregivers to make sure that their day-to-day needs are met.




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