As we continue to experience a “new normal” due to the spread of SARS-CoV-2, it is becoming abundantly clear that we are living in uncertain times. The pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives, including redefining our relationship with the media. People are now consuming more news than ever before. Memoryz would like to help you continue to stay informed on what is happening in innovation within the healthcare and technology sectors here in Toronto and abroad. We have put together a list of stories that might interest you.


In just a few weeks we have seen how this pandemic has massively impacted thousands of businesses. The current COVID-19 pandemic is shifting how business owners and employees navigate this new normal. The economic impact of this pandemic is forcing a lot of businesses to close their doors. It’s been recently reported that the Toronto-based incubator OneEleven will permanently cease operations.

The announcement was made to their community in a letter letting them know the economic impact of the pandemic has shifted their business model and made it difficult to continue operating. OneEleven has been instrumental in growing the technology sector here in Toronto.


Since the global community is practising social distancing from one another, people are finding creative ways to entertain themselves and stay connected with friends and loved ones. TikTok is bringing people together with memes on coping during the coronavirus pandemic. This now popular app has been downloaded 2 billion times worldwide. Here at Memoryz, a central facet of our mission is to ensure our application helps caregivers to always stay connected to their loved ones.

A really exciting feature within our application is the image sharing between caregivers and loved ones, so even though we are socially isolating you still can get a glimpse of what your loved ones are up to.

Share with us on Twitter at @OurMemoryz the TikTok videos you made with your parents or grandparents using the hashtag #OurMemoryzCOVID-19. We’d love to see your videos!


Apple and Google have released their technology-assisted COVID-19 contact tracing for both Androids and iPhones. The first version of the Exposure Notification API was designed to include the tools for cross-platform. This will allow public health agencies to be able to notify individuals who have potentially been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19. Both companies are anticipating that with this release they will be able to use Bluetooth to strengthen the manual contact tracing with proximity-based mobile apps.



Health Tech aiming to redefine the standard of dementia care. More information at

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Health Tech aiming to redefine the standard of dementia care. More information at