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  • Denise Gill

    Denise Gill

  • Connie Song

    Connie Song

    Writing to better understand the chaos and beauty of life. Aesop enthusiast. Marie Kondo devotee.

  • Tracey Fudge | Creator, LinkedAuthority™ Method

    Tracey Fudge | Creator, LinkedAuthority™ Method

    Social Media Matters Now More Than Ever. I Help You Drive Leads, Revenue & Growth Easily With Social Media.

  • Matthew Yaroch

    Matthew Yaroch

    Chief Marketing Officer i-Ally inc. ~ Harvard

  • Praja Vaikun

    Praja Vaikun

  • Alison Acheson

    Alison Acheson

    My latest book is a caregiving memoir, Dance Me to the End: Ten Months and Ten Days With ALS. I am now on Substack with The Unschool for Writers: a DIY MFA.

  • Tasneem Gad

    Tasneem Gad

    Text-based Visual Artist, Painter, and Writer. Who often tells stories through photographs and words.

  • Athena Milios

    Athena Milios

    Canadian researcher, writer, certified peer supporter, and mental health advocate with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences and a Master of Science in Psychiatry.

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